Estyn (school inspectors) have used a case study on birchgrove comprehensive school to share good practice with others. We are delighted to be recognised for our outstanding well-being, care, support and guidance and for our significant focus on making our school a successful inclusive learning environment for all learners.

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With a high number of managed move pupils being accepted by Birchgrove Comprehensive School, leaders identified how they could better address the needs of vulnerable learners. They introduced a simplified behavioural management system based on mutual respect that placed strong teacher-pupil working relationships at the heart of the process. The school’s focus on inclusion has resulted in a significant reduction in exclusion rates and an increase in attendance and punctuality.

An inclusive ethos has been developed where respect and discussion are the main focus in resolving barriers to learning. The focus with vulnerable learners has changed from ‘What is going wrong?’ to ‘How do we resolve this and make it better?’ Staff hold celebratory and supportive discussions with pupils who transfer in-year to help build trust and enthusiasm. All staff have this common mindset and provide a consistent message to pupils. The school has moved away from focusing on narrow measurements of success based on the national headline indicators, instead favouring individual achievement against personal goals based on ability and the challenges that pupils face.