3 quick questions to help us gage opinion on the school closures in Pontardawe. The council are proposing closing Godre’r’graig Primary School, Alltwen Primary School and Llangiwg Primary School and building a large primary near Cwmtawe.

Do you agree with the closure of the 3 Primary Schools in Pontardawe?
Do you agree that Neath Port Talbot Council will take public opinion into account when deciding on the new school?
Do you live within the local area?


  1. Small, local primary schools are best for children. The should not have to travel to a bigger school . Also, what about the traffic problems a bigger school will cause around Cwmtawe. How will health and safety manage this. The traffic is fr too heavy now at certain times of the day. I taught for a while at Godre’rgraig and it was a happy valley school with caring atmosphere, why take children away from that? I strongly disapprove this move.

  2. Spend the money upgrading current facilities. There is no way I would put a 3 year old on a bus to school, the planned area will not be able to cope with increased traffic. Also the new super schools already built have very poor inspection reports so our children’s education is going to suffer again.

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