What is the future of Neath Workies? Members to decide

It is hoped that Neath will have a better understanding of the future of Neath workies in the coming weeks. The club, which is a well-loved part of the community looks destined to close. However, there is hope that it may remain an integral part of the Town.

It seems that the club is in administration but there are parties interested in purchasing the building. As a club, it will be down to members to decide whether to accept an offer or not.

It is thought that as shareholders, each member would receive around £300 for the sale.

Should the club be sold, what it becomes will no doubt be paramount in discussions. The building is in a prime location in Neath. We do not know yet who is looking to purchase the building or whether the intentions are to keep the building as a club, drinking establishment or something else entirely.  

Despite the uncertainty there are concerns on social media. Peter Williams says “Am I being cynical if I think there’s a property developer dangling a cash carrot for the plot somewhere in all this??” whilst Andrew Edwards is more optimistic. He said “there are people interested in turning it into a Sports and entertainment bar”. Another suggestion has been that it could be a new Wetherspoons.

The club said: – “The committee has met with the administrators. There will be a meeting for members in 2 weeks, date and time to be confirmed as soon as possible. Members will need to produce their membership cards on entry to the meeting.”

 “Last years membership has carried over to this year. We have several parties interested in the purchase of the club, details of who the parties are will be given at the meeting.” “Members will be given a vote of whether to sell the club or go into administration. members can expect in the region of £300 each after debts are settled”