What do Swansea City Fans think after Preston North End Away match?

Football stats are always interesting. However, too often with football; the fans are an afterthought. Not enough is made of the fans opinion. We hope to gather these stats for Swansea City.

Over this season we want to track Swansea City fans opinion and how it changes. We would be really grateful if you could spend 30 seconds after each Swansea City Football match answering these questions.

We can then gage over time how opinion has changed. When the manager is becoming more or less popular. The same with certain players.

Feel free to comment below and discuss anything related. Here is the very short poll:-

Out of ten. How would you rate the Swans performance today?
Who is Swansea's best player this season?
Who is Swansea's worst player this season?
Who is the Swansea player that deserves more game time?
Out of 10. For you personally. How safe is Russell Martins job? 1 being sack him now. 10 Being offer him a longer contract.
Where will Swansea finish this season?
Jack Swan
Author: Jack Swan

Swansea genius.

Jack Swan

Swansea genius.