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Glais Bridge to the Mond, Clydach

The views along Glais Road to the Mond today are quite different to those 50 years ago. Five properties have ‘disappeared’ from the roadside – as well as the impressive Ynys House and the whole hamlet of Ynyspenllwch. The ‘ancient’ and ‘modern’ map pinpoints the area and the 5 properties. The blue line is Canister Road and the green the drive to Ynyspenllwch House now Manor Park.

A – Glais Road Lodge – demolished now but in the outer wall was the Ynyspenllwch post box which was removed when the Canister Works closed and the houses left were too few to justify its existence. One time used as HQ by the Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John at Jerusalem

B – Mr Walter Hearne’s house

C – The Cottage – This was the Dower House, kept my Mrs Bailey for Mr H N Miers. He took up residence here when he leased Ynyspenllwch House to Dr. Carl Langer. It became a guest house for the Mond Nickel Works personnel until Dr. A J Amor their 1st full time Medical Officer took up residence.

He was followed by Dr. J Gwynne Morgan in 1945 who lived here with his wife Ethel and sons Hugh, Lindsay and Brian. His son Hugh Morgan lived here until 1993 when it was demolished by the Nickel Works.

D – Cooks Cottage – occupied by Cyril Thomas,
choirmaster St John’s,
Daniel Thomas schoolmaster,
Rhian Thomas of Glais House

E – Knapp House – occupied 1939 by the Dewett family and demolished to make way for the INCO Research laboratories in the late 1960s.

Clydach Historical Society would be delighted to hear from anyone with photos/information about properties A,B,D and E.

Fortunately Mr Hugh Morgan arranged for The Cottage to be recorded by the Royal Commission of Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales.

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