Has Bryn and Cwmavon improved since the last council election?

With the council elections coming up early next year, we are asking some questions about Bryn and Cwmavon.

What could make it better? is it improving or getting worst?

Essentially, we want to start the discussions now.

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Rate how much you agree with these statements with 10 being strongly agree, 1 strongly disagree

Over the last 5 years Neath Port Talbot council have helped improve Bryn and Cwmavon
Bryn and Cwmavon are improving as a place to live
Neath Port Talbot council are doing a good job across the whole borough
Would you consider standing at the next council election?

Bryn and Cwmavon

It is important that local people have their say. It is easy to criticise the council but they are elected by residents. Essentially, we get what we vote for.

We want to highlight the council election 2022. We also want to highlight that everyone has the right to stand as a candidate. You could be the next councillor.

In Bryn and Cwmavon only 5 people stood for three council seats in the last election with a turnout of just 42%. More people didn’t vote than did.

Being challenged and accountable to the people you represent is vital for democracy. The more people who engage with a political discussion the better chance that an area represent the people.

American politician Gary Johnson said “Regardless of who wins, an election should be a time for optimism and fresh approaches.”

Jack Swan
Author: Jack Swan

Swansea genius.

Jack Swan

Swansea genius.

One thought on “Has Bryn and Cwmavon improved since the last council election?

  • August 10, 2021 at 9:23 pm

    We need more info and say on future developments such as school closures.

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