Are you a Leon Britton Super-fan??? Take the quiz

Leon Britton is for many the greatest player to ever play football for Swansea City. Here is the quiz on him. Leon Britton played in midfield over a number of years and at one stage was the best passer of the ball in all of Europe. Higher than Xavi and Iniesta when they were at their very best.

How he never played for England I will never know. Well we do know, because he wasn’t at one of t he big clubs.

Here is the quiz all about him anyway. We would appreciate it if you could share it with others.

The Jack Swan magazine is now online. We would love to do weekly quizzes like this. Choosing different players/managers etc.. each week. Obviously the more support we get, the more we can do.

Hope you enjoy the quiz. Please get in touch if you have any ideas of things that we could be doing. The website is obviously different to the magazine and so we are all still leaning new tricks.

Enjoy the quiz.

Are you a Leon Britton Super-Fan?

Take the quiz

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