Swansea East YourMag- The beating HEART of Swansea

Leanne launched the Swansea East Your Mag back in 2017. Here is what she said about herself and the magazine:-

“My name is Leanne, and I am Mattys wife. Over 6 years ago, Matty and I started up the Swansea East Mag. Before I met Matty, I didn’t know anything about running a magazine but together we have really enjoyed working each month on the Swansea East mag.”

“When I first met Matty, I thought his job was interesting and somewhat different. I never thought then that I would be doing it myself but I am chuffed to be part of the family business.”

“I was brought up in the Swansea East area and there wasn’t anything like it growing up, and when I saw the other magazines – I thought that it was missing from the area. I would look at the SA4 or Ponty Mag and think ‘I want one of these for Swansea East’ – and so I started one!”

“To have a local community magazine is important for the area in my opinion. It helps the people of Morriston, Birchgrove and Trallwyn know what is going on in their area, but it also helps people support local businesses. People do want to support local and having that community feel is really important in my opinion.” 

“Unlike Leon and Matty, walking 20 miles a day delivering magazines wasn’t something that I grew up with, but it is something that I am surprised to enjoy. Obviously in Wales the weather could be kinder, but both Matty and I have always thought that making sure the magazines are delivered door to door properly each month is a vital part of getting the magazines out.”

“It’s always nice at the end of a long day when someone phones and wants an advert or a customer has said ‘I had a job from you in such and such a place last week’, it makes all the walking worthwhile.”

“Like Matty, I enjoy the variety the job gives me. Whether that is interviewing the local MP or sports person in the area or walking the streets and getting the steps in. I feel like the magazine has grown in popularity year-on-year and it is always a nice feeling when someone is looking forward to receiving it.”

“I think that it is great that the people of Swansea East have a community magazine, and I suppose that I am proud to have started and continue that.”