Local MP Carolyn Harris has spoken of the difficulty on the doorstep during the run up to the election with regards to voters opinion of Jeremy Corbyn.

“I was finding that the people I was talking to who were leavers, I could convince them that we were trying to be protective of the consequences of leaving without a deal. And I was prepared to leave, I had no problem with leaving providing we did not leave without any deal or assurances that workers rights would be protected and that people in Swansea weren’t going to be worse off. What was a tougher argument to come up against, was Corbyn because that was growing everyday.”

The Labour MP is co-chairing Keir Starmer’s campaign for the Labour leadership with David Lammy. Labour party members in Swansea will be able to cast their vote for the new leader next month and Carolyn is clearly throwing her full weight behind Keir:-

“Since the day i met Kier i saw something in him that i have not seen in a politician for a very long time. Not only does he have ability, he has presence, but he has a profound conscious, conscience, he’s a socialist to the core. People underestimate what he has done previously. I mean I bet you didn’t know that he was at Wapping for example, he defended the Miners he defended the poll tax riots he actually challenged Tony Blair on the Iraq war. There are things about him that people don’t know and they see the Brexit shadow secretary at the dispatch box with his tie and think he’s the establishment. He’s not the establishment, he’s far from it. He’s from a working class background, his father was a tool maker his mother was in a wheelchair when he was a young age and he is absolutely head and shoulders ahead of the other candidates. He is the one that the Tories will be most scared of.


Asked whether the election failure had meant the end of the Tidal Lagoon dreams. The Swansea East MP was still optimistic:-

“I think Swansea council have ambitious plans for the city and they definitely have got a plan for the Lagoon. I have, actually this week written to the secretary of state for Wales and asked him to come and speak to the city leaders to come and talk about the city deal and the lagoon. We have got the ambition but we just need the support, not necessarily financial support from the government but certainly support in terms of encouragement that we can grow and we can develop as a city for the 2020s.”

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