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  • Huw Jenkins Interview – Ex-Swans Chairman Talks to Jack Swan
    I managed to speak with former Owner and Chairman of Swansea City to discuss his years at the club. Here is how it went:- Swansea City Early Days If we go back to the very start. What was the first game that you went to and who did you go with? My father took me
  • Where is the true home of Swansea City FC? Vetch or Liberty?
    A few months back, I saw a post on social media asking for Swans fans to respond to a survey comparing the Liberty Stadium (or Swansea.com if you wish) with the Vetch Field. The post was from Curtis Richards, who was looking for fans input for a dissertation that he was working on about how
  • All 20 Premier League clubs in new 256 Team Euro Competition
    Florentino Perez is still intent on a breakaway super-league. The organisations website is still online, boasting the club logos; Manchester United, Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Tottenham (well not boasting Spurs!). If not for the reaction of the supporters of English clubs, then this could have
  • The War on our Free Speech. Are you in the box?
    As the West continue to engage in wars to protect democracy and free speech, it is becoming more and more apparent that our free speech is dwindling. ‘Cancel culture’ is destroying our ability to have an opinion, while extreme censorship on Facebook is fuelling and not preventing conspiracy theories.   History has taught us not to
  • 5 BEST Jack Swan moments – Jack Swan Magazine
    1) Roger Freestones House Everyone has their Swans hero, but Roger Freestone is a hero to so many of us. It seems a different lifetime ago that we would make goalkeeper hands on the North Bank and rock them side to side whilst singing the Welsh internationals name. Anyway, a few months after starting the