How well do you know the Uplands in Swansea? Take the Quiz

A lot of history goes into any community like the Uplands. How it began, why it grew, the local sports team, the street names, the churches, the pubs.

Here we put all of that to the test. Have you been paying attention? How well do you know the Uplands?

This quiz will test your knowledge of your local community. There are questions for everyone. Whether you are new to the area or born and bred.

At SouthWalesMedia we want to promote local and our sense of community. Swansea is a city, Wales is a country. Both are important but our immediate locality is where we spend most of our time.

The half a mile around our house. The local shop, local pub, our local schools, our neighbours. We want to promote that sense of community and highlight its importance with local articles and quizzes like this.

We will only be focussing on local. If you have any ideas to help us then we would appreciate it and please get in touch at [email protected]

In the meantime, enjoy the quiz. Please share with others and all feedback is very welcome.

How well do you know the Uplands?

Take the Quiz

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