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Our family spent last weekend in Brecon looking after our friends children, as they are in hospital with their youngest son. After spending the weekend with their friends and seeing what they are all going through, our kids have decided they want to do something to help.

Oliver (15), Luke (12), Amelia (10), Osian (8) and Eli (6) have decided to take on the adults Iron man, Swimming 2.4 mile, Cycling 112 miles and finishing off with a marathon (26 miles). They will take on this challenge as a team, working together to reach each target.

At just 9 weeks old, Caleb suffered cardiac arrest and was sent to Bristol’s paediatric intensive care unit (PICU). There he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and developed heart block. After 12 weeks Caleb, was discharged so he could carry on the recovery at home.

Back in intensive care

In February Caleb was back in intensive care after his pacemaker completely stopped working. He was back in theatre for more surgery and was again ventilated. After another long month Caleb was finally discharged again and allowed to return home.

At the beginning of June 2021, just before his 1st birthday, Caleb was taken ill again and was moved to cardiac intensive care at Great Ormond Street hospital, London. Caleb has had major open-heart surgery to fit a ventricular assist device (VAD) which now takes over the pumping of his heart while he awaits a heart transplant.

Caleb is now unable to leave Great Ormand Street hospital until he gets the heart transplant, which will take many months, potentially years. This is an extremely emotional time for the family. His parents, Jamie and Jenna, have had to give up their jobs to be at their youngest sons bedside.

Caleb has three older sisters and a two year old brother who live in Brecon, all attending school there. Jenna and Jamie now face a year of having to divide their time between where their children are.



For them to spend any time together as a family and at times where both parents need to be in hospital with Caleb, they will have to pay for hotel accommodation in London. With a very low income the travel and accommodation costs they are facing are enormous. Also, the day to day living costs of food etc are very expensive with no proper facilities to use, as well as still covering the costs of their family home in Brecon.

These money worries are not something any family in their position should have to deal with. And the prospect of long periods of time away from their children and each other, at a time when they need each other, is heart breaking.

Spending time with them last, weekend our kids have seen this from the children’s point of view and witnessed how hard it is for their friends being separated from their parents and baby brother. This inspired them to want to do something to help the family spend some time together.

Any money raised by this epic challenge, will go a long way to help the family on the journey they face.


What the kids say:-

Amelia “We would like to be able to raise enough money so that they can have somewhere to stay together near Caleb in the school holidays.”

Luke “ I can’t imagine what it would be like not to have the family together for a whole year. They must all be so worried.”

Oliver “Natasha is only 1 year older than me and she has had to take on the ‘mother role’ for her younger your siblings whilst their parents have been in and out of hospital. That is a big responsibility, I couldn’t do it”.

Osian “We were with Caleb having a BBQ one day, and 2 days after that he was rushed to hospital”

Eli “Please sponsor us and help our friends”

Please help us support this brilliant family by donating anything you can at the link below:-


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Jack Swan

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