RSPCA-Annual Dog Show

Llys Nini celebrated their 21st Birthday in style at their Annual Dog of the Year Show on Sunday 15/7/18

The sun was shining, there were Rescue Mums Lottie and Ellie re-uniting with their 15 Puppies fastest recall completion, the pooch paddling pools were out and every one enjoyed.

A spectacular 21st Dog Friendly Birthday Cake was donated by Doggie Desserts – was cut and shared between the furry guests and there were lots of treats for the humans too!!

Kev Johns did his usual amazing job of judging and 2018’s Dog of the Year was JOSH. Josh came in to Llys Nini after being rescued from a Badger Baiting Case and his volunteer walkers fell in love with him! When the opportunity came up to be able to adopt him, they just couldn’t not take it!! One of our most heartwarming Happy Ever After endings as Josh is living the dream now!!

Llys Nini is a self funding Animal Rescue Centre and we depend on local public support, so it wonderful to see such a turnout for our special day.


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