Pavement Parking Needs a Major rethink says Gower MP

Laws surrounding pavement parking need a major rethink according to Tonia Antoniazzi MP. It’s heartbreaking to hear the stories of constituents and the problems they face every day which are caused by pavement parking.

I visited a street scene set up in Parliament by the charity Guide Dogs to learn more about the challenges that people with sight loss face when walking the streets. At the event, I dodged a pavement parked car, stumbled across a variety of street clutter, and visited a “shared space” area lacking safety features such as kerbs and
pedestrian crossings.

According to a Guide Dogs survey, 97% of blind and partially sighted people have encountered obstacles on the pavement.

The most common obstacles were cars parked on the pavement. Pavement parked cars force pedestrians into the road to face oncoming traffic. This is particularly dangerous for people with vision impairments, parents with pushchairs, wheelchair users and other disabled people.

Guide Dogs is campaigning for a law to make pavement parking an offence, except on streets where local authorities agree that it is safe for pedestrians. There is so much confusion around the current laws that the Government needs a major rethink. Drivers are unsure about where they can and cannot park and it’s
putting people with visual impairments at risk every time they leave the house. If you have a vision impairment, pavement parked cars aren’t just a nuisance, they can force you to step out into the road and put you in real danger.

In most parts of the UK, the law on pavement parking is unclear and difficult to enforce. When drivers themselves don’t know the rules, that is a strong sign the law needs to change


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