Food Review; Mosaic

I nervously stepped in to Alisters car as we made our way to Mosiac in Swansea for some food, Only a couple of weeks earlier Alister had borrowed my car for a couple of days and managed to smash the back window!. As you can imagine this annoyed me a little but nowhere near as much as when I realised he had left radio 1 on in the car……

Neither of us had ever been to Mosaic in Swansea, after a bit of searching on ST Helens road we found the restaurant tucked away down a side street. We both really liked the look of the place it had a really nice friendly relaxed vibe. The piano doubling up as a desk and was a personal favourite. We both sat down and looked at the menu, I was shocked to hear that Alister Had never had Tapas before but coming from a Banwen boy who thinks a day in Swansea counts as a holiday.

After much debate we went for the, Rustic Bread, Hummus Tzatziki olives, Jalapenos, Halloumi, Brie Wedges, Spanish Meatballs, Chicken Croquettes, Chicken Goujons, Jerk Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries and of course Patas Bravas. Queue great embarrassment when our plates of food kept coming and coming. We both really enjoyed the tapas, the meatballs and Halloumi were a personal favourite. There was a lot of food there but we made a good effort at clearing our plates. The chicken Goujons were really tasty and came with a very nice sweet chilli dip. As is often the case with tapas all the food complimented each other really well and we both really enjoyed all the different tastes and flavours that were on offer. We both really enjoyed all the tapas the only one we was not to keane on was the jerk chicken which was not to our taste but the rest of the food was really tastey and went really well together. I think we over ordered which is our own fault really as the helpful waitress did recommend three to four dishes each and I think we went for a bit more than that. The only thing both of us thought was a little cheeky was they had put a service charge on for the food, the waitress brought over the card machine and said its £75 we have put a service charge on which you can take of if you wish but we both felt a bit put on the spot with the waitress waiting with the card in her hand. Personally I think people should be left to tip what they think is the right amount….. All in all we both really enjoyed our meal and did find the place very nice and relaxed the tapas was stunning.

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