Future of Craig Cefn Park Prmiary School ‘on the table’

As required by the Welsh Government the City and County of Swansea are undertaking an exercise to look at the sustainability of schools designated as ‘small’ in the local authority. Craig CefnParc Primary School falls into this category with its present number of pupils.

On the 21st June 2018 the Labour Administration Cabinet will determine whether or not to undertake a formal consultation process about the future of Craig CefnParc Primary School with all options being ‘on the table’.

Although Craig CefnParc is a small school this benefits children by having small class sizes, enabling teachers to better cater for each child’s individual needs. The Estyn Inspection report from 2015 states that ‘…….the school provides a broad and balanced curriculum, which meets statutory requirements. All teachers provide a range of interesting indoor and outdoor learning experiences …….Teachers plan together effectively to ensure that pupils build purposefully on their previous learning as they move through the school’.
The school is categorised as ‘Yellow’ by the Local Authority themselves meaning that the school is a good school with the capacity to improve further and an awareness of how to make that improvement. To assist them in this process the school is entitled to ten days of support from the Local Authority.

Extensive extra curricular activities are offered by staff and in some cases parents. They range from gardening and arts and crafts to cookery and sports clubs. For the second year running Craig CefnParc Primary School pupils will be performing in the Grand Theatre – showcasing their singing and dancing talents.
The school has a wonderful family feel, where childrenmix freely throughout the age groups which develops confidence and increasing social skills.

The success of the school model is evident from the excellent feedback received from Comprehensive Schools who report that the children come with a confidence that allows them to achieve at a high level.

The pupils are happy, healthy and thriving not only in the learning environment within the school site itself but in the wider natural environment within which the school is located – it has to be seen to be appreciated! This environment is not only positive in terms of educational attainment but also in promoting well-being and resilience.

The school is not only supported by Parents/Guardians of the pupils at the school but also by the wider community. This is evident froma petition that has 900 signatories to date and the letters of support for the school already received by the Local Authority.

On the 9th June 2018 the school will be holding an Open Day to which all are welcome to see what our wonderful school has to offer and to talk to pupils, staff, parents/guardians and governors who are rightly proud of their local school.

If you would like to make arrangements to visit Craig CefnParc Primary School please contact the school by ringing it on (01792) 843225.

Craig CefnParc Primary School – providing quality education for all.

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