150 Years Of Morriston Primary School

Morriston Primary School is currently in the midst of capturing its vast 150 year history in order to create a spectacular event this summer, bringing the past to life on Friday 15 June.

Log books, records and photos are being researched and collected through the West Glamorgan Archives, Morriston Local History Group, Facebook and the School to offer a deeper insight and ensure nothing is missed out in drawing the whole story together. A series of coffee mornings have taken place offering former pupils and members of staff the chance to come and share their memories. The final one will be taking place on Tuesday 22 May, at 10am in the School’s Outside Classroom.

Current pupils have also been involved in preparations for the party through the design of a special logo capturing 150 years of history, and a series of workshops creating items including cards and pictures of the School which will be put in a special time capsule, along with other key items, and buried as part of the celebrations. The plan is to dig the time capsule up in 50 years when the School will celebrate being 200 years old! Pupils have also been taken on a trip to West Glamorgan Archives to see the School’s oldest log books which date back to 1868 when the School was first opened.

Mrs Thomas, Acting Headteacher, said, ‘Seeing these memories brought to life is exciting and ensuring no stone is left unturned will provide a unique and fitting celebration of our School’s role within Swansea and the local community of Morristonover the last 150 years. We have had a great time welcoming former pupils and staff back for the coffee mornings and showing them around the School as it currently is. It has been fascinating hearing their stories about how it used to be laid out and the different activities which used to take place.

‘We are excited about the build up towards the main event which will be taking place on 15 June and hope pupils both past and present will come together on the day to share in the excitement of the journey of MorristonPrimary School. It will be a full day of celebration beginning with a short concert and presentation in the morning, games, food and presentations throughout the day and culminating with the burying of the time capsule in the afternoon’.

Andrea Lewis, Local Councillor and Vice Chair of Governors added, ‘There has been an incredible amount of passion and hard work from thestaff and parents, in collating some of the historical information and personal stories relating to the School, in order to celebrate such a milestone. The 150th anniversary celebration gives past pupils and local residents the chance to take a trip down memory lane, contributing their nostalgic memories. This is an invaluable opportunity to teach the children and the wider community about the history of Morriston Primary School’.

All photos supplied by Morriston History Group.

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